Poole Family Farms is a four-generation small, family farm, joyfully bringing locally grown produce to communities in the Pacific Northwest.

The Poole Family

1st Generation:

The current homestead was first settled in 1934 by Don Poole’s parents, Denton and Gladys Poole. Denton and Gladys met as they worked in the fruit industry, and they bought the original homestead and started a small dairy barn on the farm along with a small amount of fruit trees.

2nd Generation:

Don and Cindy Poole took over the farm in 1978, and converted the farm completely into orchard, planting various varieties of pears, apples, and cherries. Adam Poole has fond memories growing up in the orchards, and working from a young age. Even when tragedy struck in 2009 and Don Poole lost both his legs in a tractor accident, with grit and perseverance, the farming family made it through that difficult season, and Don and Cindy are still managing the day to day activities of the farm.

3rd-4th Generation:

Poole family working on the farmAdam Poole is proud that he’s only missed one cherry season in the last 30 years since he was in grade school – when He and Grace were living in Brazil. Adam and Grace got married in 2002 and have 7 kids together – 5 boys and 2 girls. Adam and Grace partnered with Cindy and Don Poole and started marketing their own fruit directly in 2003. From the smallest Pooles (Adam and Grace's children) to Grandpa and Grandma Poole (Don & Cindy), the whole family chips in and is involved with some aspect of the farm.

Today, the Poole family offers an opportunity for “You-Pick Cherries” right from the Poole Family Farm property in Hood River, Oregon, as well as deliveries of a variety of fresh produce from their farm, as well as from other Oregon family farms, to Portland, Newport, Corvallis, and beyond.

Buy Local. Support Small Family Business. Eat Fresh.

Do you really know where your fruit came from or when it was picked? When you buy direct from a farm, not only are you supporting small local business owners who are giving back to your community in many other ways, but you know that the produce you’re taking home was fresh-picked as recently as that very day. During the 2017 season, Adam woke up to an early orchard sunrise at the farm in Hood River and ended the day in Newport, selling fruit and watching the sunset with Grace.

Purchasing directly from farms and farming partnerships such as Poole Family Farms translates to extreme freshness and quality as well as prices that are almost always lower than what you would pay elsewhere because it cuts out the large-scale processes, distributors and retailers.

Poole Family Farms goes beyond delivering fresh cherries, pears, apples, peaches and other juicy locally grown fruit. Explore our blog and follow us on social media for nutrition information, recipes, and ideas to make the most of your haul.

Poole Family Farms wants to show you the difference that comes along with knowing exactly where your food comes from. Get the freshest produce delivered from our farm to your table!

We look forward to meeting you at your first pickup!