Our love for fresh fruit and the look on our customers' faces when they receive it is what makes the labor on our farm so worth it. It is truly a labor of love! To show our appreciation for our customers, we offer two different savings programs.

First-Time Buyer Program

To thank our first-time buyers for choosing to buy fruit from our family farm, we offer a discount of $10.00 off their second order.

This comes in the form of a physical coupon that is handed to our new customers after they purchase and pick up their first order of fresh fruit. These are redeemable during the year in which they first buy their fruit!  Our request is that you join our email list so you know what we have available each week!


Rewards Program

We have a lot of customers that like to buy orders of 5 or more boxes at a time. As of 2018, customers can get their 6th box free with the purchase of 5 boxes at a sale!  This is not a carryover offer and only applies when all boxes are purchased at the same sale. **Cannot be combined with other one-time low priced specials that we occasionally offer throughout the season.

Here's how it works:

  1. Order 6 boxes of fruit from the sale of your choice
  2. Go to your chosen pickup location
  3. When you pick up your 6 boxes of fruit, you'll only pay for 5 boxes!

Not sure you need 6 boxes of fruit? Go in on an order with friends and family to reach the six boxes needed. The more, the merrier!